Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wabibito -- A creative resource for parents

When I was asked by Ruth Haske, the author of Wabibito, I got pretty excited.  My kids and I are always looking for crafts and things to do.  Typically our resource is craft books from the library, which basically can be hit or miss as to how good they are.  We typically stick to seasonal crafts, and Wabibito falls right in line with the kinds of things we're always looking for.

This is more than just a craft idea book.  This is a Waldorf inspired, seasonal idea book for children, whether you homeschool or not.  There are ideas here for children as young as 2, to as old as 10 and older.  There's also a reading list of wonderful books, and recipes.

My son just turned 10, and readily leaped at a fun project that included nails and hammers.  I can't think that he's actually used a hammer before, I was so glad to have a quick and easy craft that taught him these life skills.  I approved of this project because it used a can from our recycling, and cost us nothing to turn it into artwork.

Her directions to complete this simple and creative project were easy to understand.  I sat back, and watched him go.  Initially he had a hard time with the hammer, and cans can be slippery when you're trying to hammer a nail in them.  My seven year old daughter wanted to do her own lantern, and is still working on completing hers.  She wanted to nail it herself, so I started every dot of her design for her, so she had little dents to nail into.  Helped the nails from slipping all over the place.

There are so many other light projects for the winter months to help add some sparkle to your home in fun crafty ways.  I'll be sure to show off post pictures of them when we complete them. I will be looking back in the spring to see what she comes up with next!!

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