Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Plan

Our menu plan always comes with a bit of challenges.  We're on a strict budget of $125 a week, and we're a family of four who eats primally.  Because of our strict budget, our meats are not organic right now, however our veggies and diary products are.  We make our menu on Sunday morning and hit the grocery stores before the church crowds let out, and post it up for Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

Variety is the name of the game right now.  We don't want to get tired of the same old stuff around the house, however it's smart to stock up on stuff when it's on sale.  Last week hubs nabbed boneless split chicken breasts for .99 cents a pound.  Holy cow!!  Anyway, enjoy the menu.  We're looking forward to pizza on Friday! Might have a beer with it if money allows. :)

Monday: Bratwurst and cabbage (teaching night, must be fast!)
Tuesday: Moroccan Chicken Casserole
Wednesday: Taco Night!
Thursday: Primal Shake and Bake
Friday: Primal PIZZA!!!
Saturday: Pork Loin
Sunday: Leftovers

And since I'm writing this on a Sunday night, we have improvised tonight's dinner.  I have to share this with you. Braised Venison/Lamb Shanks and yes, we're using both meats because it's what we have in the freezer.  Off a bit from last weeks menu plan, but variety must be had! Have a great week everyone!

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