Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bucket list- updated

Two years ago, I made a bucket list and last year while I was on my writing hiatus, I actually accomplished quite a bit.

33.  See Niagara Falls!
73.  Go on a honeymoon!

Hubs and I went last June to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  This one actually killed two birds with one stone because it was also very much a honey moon for us.

62.  Start a successful business.

Well, last January I started a business in Colorado called Finnigan Strings, LTD.  It ran successfully for 5 months until I moved to Maryland.  I may end up doing it again here, but I have to have enough clients here first for it to be a successful endeavor.  It was definitely successful there.  Booming...sadly.  I had to leave it behind and start all over.  If I did it once though, I can do it again!

74.  Be secure with my own spirituality.  

Two years ago this month I met a fabulous group of people who moved me spiritually in ways that are difficult to explain.  My path is called Asatru.  Hail to those who know.

85.  Own my own chickens.

I started my own chicken adventure with these three ladies right here.  The one in the front is a white sussex, the brown one behind her is a mutt back yard mix, and the third in the back you can hardly see is a splash maran, americauna mix who lays pretty olive green eggs.  They have been a blast.  Now I have 4 others who hopefully will start laying in the spring.

Do you have a list?  Have you been chipping away at it too?

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