Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revamping History -- Homeschool tweaking

It's this time of year I always seem to second guess myself and wonder if we're on the right track.  History has been awkward...it's not the only thing going the way I don't want to, but I'm addressing this first. We've been doing the free history curriculum from Guest Hollow and don't get me wrong, it's thorough and quite awesome.  It's a wonderful history curriculum for my son.  He's an independent reader, and he gets so much out of it.  He's a gifted fourth grader.  It's not a good fit for my struggling second grader.

So, we're going to try Elemental History.  I love that it begins pretty much where we left off in Guest Hollow.  We just did Columbus, and that's week two.  I also love I can down load it and begin using it immediately.  It's my hope that by separating them into two different history curricula that my son will once again be able to move at his own pace instead of waiting for his sister.

I also love that there is less writing and more crafts.  The first week has us making a telescope, and coloring pictures about states.  I think at her level this type of work will be more meaningful, more fun.

This is the first of many revamps that will be happening this month, and next.

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