Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The flu craze

About three weeks ago, I noticed. People on my facebook feed getting sick. It's the flu. It starts with a fever of about 103 out of nowhere. Sniffles, cough, and generally feeling like they got hit with a mac truck. It seems to take about 7-10 days to get over.

image source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/12/03/flu-cdc-fluview/1742225/

I started doing research about the flu, and it's really hard to get a straight answer anywhere. So, my non-medical, non-doctor like self put together some stuff I could find. It was pathetically little.

 Here are some facts.

1.  The flu has many different strains. This year's flu vaccine was designed to protect you from H2N3, an influenza b virus (I love how vague that was), and H1N1 (the bird flu). Not all vaccines are created equal, and not all of them contain all three.
2.  The flu vaccine is 70-90% effective against the strains it contains.
3.  The predominant strain going around right now is strain H2N3.
4.  You can get your flu shot, and still catch the flu.

What you should do.

1.  Stay calm. Stop listening to the media, they sensationalize everything and blow EVERYTHING out of proportion.
2.  If you haven't gotten a flu shot, you need to decide if you want one. I'm not going to tell you to run out and get one. You need to make an informed decision on your own if you want one or not.
3.  Keep hand sanitizer around. Wash your hands frequently, and when you're out in public make a conscious effort not to touch your face.

What I think.

1. I think politicians are swayed to press the vaccine. I think pharmaceutical companies lobby so much, and invest so much in politicians that we hear get the vaccine all the time.  Think for yourself.
2. I think that because we homeschool, and aren't out in the general public every day that it's not necessary for my family to be vaccinated.

What I do.

1.  My family and I have not, and will not get the flu vaccine.
2. I did a Prefenz giveaway, a while back and I still have some of their product.  I use it on our hands, and what makes it different is that it is also an antiviral, anti-fungal along with it's antibiotic properties.  I feel this helps protect us when we're out to at least help with the flu.  Most hand sanitizers are only antibiotics, and will not help you against the flu.
3.  We eat a healthy diet and keep ourselves in the best physical health we can.

What I will do if we get the flu.

1.  If my husband or I get the flu, we'll stay home take care of each other until we're well.  We'll look out for bacterial infections along with it.  Usually those are noticeable when you start to feel better, and then feel crappy again.
2.  If either one of my kids get sick, we'll take them to their pediatrician immediately.  Children I feel need to have immediate help from their doctor to make sure it doesn't turn into pneumonia.  I will also watch for secondary bacterial infections.

I'd love to know what you do.  Did your family get their flu shot?


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  1. No flu shots here, haven't gotten them for years. I did come down with H1N1 the year it first went viral (see what I did there? ;-)) but 48 hours later I was fine; it was the sinus infection that followed that knocked me flat. Learned a lot from that experience.

    Many many of my friends and students and fellow teachers have been hit this year, flu shots or no, so I'm trying to keep up with the Vitamin D and get enough rest.



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