Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Food

This week we made bruschetta with some lovely Roma tomatoes we got this past week. Summer tomatoes are absolutely the best. We ended up making multiple meals with the recipe I linked on Monday on my menu plan.

 The bruschetta turned out great, we managed to find some purple garlic at whole foods.  This time of year usually it's just the garlic scapes that would be found at the farmer's market.  Don't be afraid of the scapes!  They're a little milder in garlic flavor, but they are very good.

This was Monday night's dinner, and leftover lunch for Tuesday.  Tuesday evening I made some pizza dough in the bread maker and we had pizza.  I used the bruschetta as the adult topping and left the kids side plain.  Topped with a spring mix salad and you have a cheap easy organic dinner, that's healthy too.

I don't think I'd be hired at a restaurant for making pretty pizza, but there wasn't any left overs on Tuesday.  So what are your favorite summer recipes?


  1. the bruschetta looks amazing! I'm printing the recipe.

  2. Don't add the sundried tomatoes. It's way better with all fresh.



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