Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Choosing a new Pediatrician

I've been in Colorado for a little over a month now, and I'm just getting around to getting a new pediatrician.  I procrastinate, I know.  I have a particular kind of doctor in mind though that I want for my children.  I've looked around at sites to find some good interview questions for our "meet and greet" session with a local pediatrician.

Here are some things I'm looking for in order of importance.

1. A strong philosophy of wellness connected to food.  I want a doctor that will help me give my children the best possible nutrition and agree with my pickiness when it comes to my children's diets.  It is my strongest belief that a child's health is tied to their diets, and how little or much processed junk they eat.

2. A schedule that isn't over booked.  This is a deal breaker, and it's difficult to find.  I can't tell you how often I've waited hours to see a doctor.  No more, I will look for a doctor who will respect my time.  Bottom line.

3. Some people want older doctors for their experience, some want younger because they're fresh out of school.  I want neither.  I want someone my age who is still passionate about their job.  I want to know how they stay current with medical trends, if they are a follower or someone who thinks for themselves.  I want a doctor who is a parent, and I will ask him/her how old their kids are.

4.  A clean waiting room, that's divided for well children, and sick children.  My last pediatrician did not have this, but otherwise I loved them.  I can't say this is a deal breaker, but it's a very nice perk.  If there are sick kids in the waiting room, I just keep my kids occupied with a book, instead of playing with the toys offered.

Here is a list of my questions that I will have ready for the doctor.

1. Do you have hospital affiliations, and which ones?  There is a hospital less then two miles from my house.  If this doctor is not affiliated with it, then it's not the right doctor for me.
2. Do you have a basic knowledge of herbal remedies, or homeopathic remedies?  A doctor who is clueless as to what herbs do what to me is leaving out a huge chunk of healthy medicine for children.
3. How long have you been in practice?  Do you have children of your own?  Why did you decide to become a pediatrician?  I know these are personal questions, but how the doctor responds can say much about his or her character and philosophies.
4. Do you have back up physicians for your patients while you are on vacation or otherwise unavailable?  What are they like?

What are some things you look for in a pediatrician?  Be sure to join my BlogFrog conversation about pediatrician too. :)

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