Thursday, July 8, 2010

Green Household cleaners

When the kids and I arrived at the apartment about two weeks ago, I had to go out and purchase some new cleaners.  Hubs took me to the closest Target and I got J.R. Watkin's brand cleaners along with some white vinegar.  I have used the all purpose cleaner before, and I love it.  It smells wonderful, and it's perfect for cleaning up my wood table after meal times. I had hoped the rest of their line would be just as good, but I'm afraid it isn't so.

The toilet cleaner is fine, and if vinegar and baking soda won't do the trick for you, try this.  After I'm finished with this bottle, odds are I'm going back to vinegar and baking soda.  What I'm really disappointed with his the dish soap.  It doesn't go far at all, it hardly makes bubbles, and in two weeks time, you can see how much I've used.  I have a dishwasher too, so this is just for the odd dishes that either need soaking or are not dishwasher safe.  This is by far the worst plant based dish soap I've tried.

So what's your favorite green cleaning product?


  1. I usually use vinegar and baking soda, but when I want something different, I use seventh generation. I have their dish soap and all purpose cleaner. I like both of them. I am wanting to try their laundry detergent, but I read somewhere that it's not the best on cloth diapers.

  2. I don't know how true this is since I didn't look into it but I was told by a friend who lived on a self sustaining organic farm that seventh generation isn't really green. They were not allowed to use the products while living on the farm. I know there was a big controversy a few years back so hopefully its resolved. She was told to buy method products and that us what I usually use. However I admit, I still use bleach. Haven't found anything else that kills mold and mildew.

  3. I use bleach too. I'm not sure how else to get around it at the moment.

  4. Hi, there. I really enjoy your blog. :)

    I'm glad to hear your take on these products. The only thing from that brand that I've ever bought is the hand soap. I really like it and have bought it a few times, but I haven't tried anything else. Now I'm thinking maybe I won't bother.

    I've tried a few non-toxic dish soaps. So far, I like Seventh Generation best. That's another product line that I only buy the one thing of. For the most part, I use Method. They have a great "Good for Wood" that I use for dusting. It smells amazing and works wonders. I like their toilet bowl cleaner, tile cleaner, all purpose spray, etc. I've also recently switched to using their dish washing tabs, too, and I like them a lot better then whatever I was using. I usually get my Method products at Target.

  5. I love the Good for Wood! It smells lovely, I never though to use it for dusting though. Good idea. :)

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! :)



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