Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Backpacks

Weather you send your kid to school, or keep them home, this time of year is when many of us are looking for school supplies to get our kids back into the school routine.  It can be difficult to make greener decisions, especially when there's a huge markup on green items.  The other day I was at Walmart, and they had their regular note books on sale for 15 cents, while the greener equivalent was $2.50.  That makes life hard.

I've tried to put together some green finds I've found just searching over the internet to hopefully help you make greener choices.

My first find was this Terracycle Recycled Drinkbox Bookbag.   For only $14.99 that's a comparable price for a bookbag.

Bazura makes a great lunch bag with a similar design, also made out of drink boxes.  They are made from a co-op of women in the phillipines, and are fair trade.  At $15.95 they are also something worth considering.

Have an older kid heading off to highschool, or looking for a cute bag for yourself?  Try this Hemp Backpack from the Hemp sisters.  Retailing for only $47.95, it's a little more of a stretch, but in my mind not out of reach.  Definitely something to consider.

For those of you not familiar with hemp, it is a plant closely related to cannibus, but lacking in the chemical to get you high.  So don't worry about your teen trying to smoke the backpack, it won't work.  Sadly hemp is illegal in the U.S. and most of the hemp here comes from Canada.  

Hope this helps you getting started on your back to school adventures with the kiddos.  Green can be affordable if you look hard enough.

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