Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday -- Lots of links!

We're getting settled into our new place here in Colorado, and enjoying the easy summer weather here. I hope everyone's had a chance to see the Angel Bear Yoga Giveaway that ends this Friday. This week we'll be eating light healthy food. We've recovered nicely from our long drive last week with healthy whole foods, and we'll be continuing it this week.  I have had to look up most of my recipes though, all of my recipe books are still packed up.

I'm in love with Whole Foods stores.  I went to one for the first time this week, since I have one less then 2 miles away.  Where I lived before I was more then 50 miles away so obviously I didn't go.  I'm getting spoiled by the huge amount of organic and whole foods there.  Anyway, here are our plans for the week.

Monday: Tomato Bruschetta
Tuesday: Homemade Pizza (fresh tomatoes and basil!)
Wednesday: Greek Chicken Salad
Thursday: Cheesy Chicken Pasta
Friday: Spaghetti and home made garlic bread.
Saturday: Turkey Burgers and home made fries.
Sunday: Leftovers.

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  1. Hi there.

    I have placed your button on my blog, as I am trying to partner with other Green Families.

    I would love if you would please place my button on your blog in reciprocation.

    Thanks so much!!!

    Going Green with Noah



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