Friday, July 16, 2010


The other day I was at Target grabbing some stuff with my kids, and I noticed the corn on the cob was on sale for 10 cents each.  What a deal right?   I march on over, and I'm disheartened.  I grab a corn, and I pull the husk down a ways to check it.  Each one of them had a nasty inside.  Squished, moldy random kernels stuffed between mostly healthy looking corn.  Not sure what was going on there, but I walked away.  Their corn wasn't worth my dime.

It's a good thing I waited too.  I went to whole foods later that night, and they had theirs a bit more expensive but they were very good quality. Before I go on any further, if you're still using canned or frozen corn when it's in season, let me reach through your monitor and slap some sense into you.  Enjoy it fresh while you can!

Whether your getting your fresh corn on the cob from the super market, or the farmer's market, you need to pull down the husk and make sure you're getting some good corn.  Push on a kernel, if it pops with yummy sweetness, you're getting a fresh ready to eat delicious cob.  If it's dry, or discolored, put it back.  When you get home, store your corn in the fridge and keep it in the husk until you're ready to prepare it for eating.

Once you're ready to prepare the corn, peal the husk back and remove all the fibers.  I tend to rub the corn just to get the extra fibers off.  Then I wrap the corn with a pad of butter in recycled aluminum foil, and I cook them for about 30 minutes on 375.

You have probably the most simple side you could possibly ask for.  Kids love it because they get to eat with their hands.  Here is a picture of dinner the other night before it got put on the table.  Strawberries and bananas were our easy hands on dessert.  Yum.

So what's your favorite corn recipe?

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  1. This recipe is SO easy and yet SO delicious when made with farm-fresh corn! I've been making it constantly this summer. (You don't even need the tarragon.)

    And so true about checking the corn--we got two full cobs of shriveled nothing from our CSA last week.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog!



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