Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inspiration needed

I'm feeling blah today, and I need inspiration.  When we moved, we lost about a thousand square feet of living space.  I'm overwhelmed with the lack of space, and how much crap I still have even though I purged like a mad woman.  I have no garden, which was always my zen, so I found myself looking at green/garden blogs and I was inspired. It was this picture that inspired me the most, because I can still container garden.

Maybe I'm a kid, I don't know but I was pulled in by this picture and the article it came from.  Around lunchtime, I took the kids out and let them ride their bikes and scooters while I planted some lettuce of my own.  Normally in Virginia I wouldn't dream of planting lettuce this time of year, but I think out here in Colorado it might be ok.  The next two days it won't get above 75 so hopefully they'll have time to sprout.

I bought some basil last week, which is what you see already growing.  I plan on getting my money's worth out of that sucker.  Maybe when it gets a bit bigger I'll show you how easy it is to grow basil from a clipping.  It's probably one of the easiest plants to get started that way.  Nothing needed but water.  Hopefully I'll still get some container gardening in this season before it gets too cold.

Now back to my regularly scheduled unpacking, hair pulling schedule.


  1. There are a lot of posts about container gardening on the Lowe's Garden Grow Along blog today: http://gardengrowalong.blogspot.com/

  2. I am a new follower, I found you on the Tuesday Tag-Along

    -Diane @ Me, Him and the Cats

  3. Hi! I'm following you from Tuesday Tag-Along! I blog about family/gardening/recipes and host reviews/giveaways at:


    Have a great week! Good for you on starting the potted plants! I don't know what I'd do without my garden!

  4. hey! thanks for visiting me today - I totally think you should put up a clothesline on your balcony haha!



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