Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Organically Raised -- A book review

A few weeks ago I was approached by author Anni Daulter to do a review about her new book, Organically Raised.  I'm always thrilled to meet mom's with a similar outlook on food and children as I do, and I knew by the title, she was just that person.

Let me take you back seven and a half years.  My son was born in the middle of winter, and I was a working mom.  I was a full time high school teacher who had just had the biggest life changing moment in my life: Motherhood.  I immediately wanted to give my son the healthiest start in life that I could.  Life is hard, and I knew with good eating habits his life would not be as hard as some.  Organic foods hadn't hit the typical grocery shelves, so I had to search off the beaten path at the tiny "Natural Foods Stores."  Most farmers in Northern Virginia at the time had not started to make the transition to a pesticide free way of farming, so even the farmer's market at times was a bust.  I learned as I went, hunting down things when I could.  Most people thought I was crazy.

Fast forward now to present day.  Less people think I'm crazy, and after family and friends did their own research,  I've received apologies.  We are a whole foods organic household, bottom line.  My kids know it, and are proud of it.  So what does this have to do with this book?

Anni's book is the epitome of this.  Why should you eat organic? Why antibiotic free meat?  Does your household diets change with the seasons?  Have you ever tasted conventional baby food?  It's nasty!

If your a new mother or a seasoned mom of many, you need this book.   There are baby food recipes, but there are many healthy homemade recipes for older kids too.  It's never too late to start healthy eating habits.

I spoke of my own experiences because I couldn't help but to think that I wish I had this book seven and a half years ago.  It answers the simple questions like, when to start introducing your child to solid foods, and offers suggestions as to what to try.  Her philosophy on making baby food that actually tastes good instead of the tasteless stuff sold at the store.  This book is filled with peaceful "mama mantras" to use while your cooking as well.  I know that our future hopefully holds at least one more baby, and I'm so glad to say that I have a spare copy of this book to share with you.

This Thursday, I'll be sharing some of my own cooking adventures with Anni's book, and I'll be hosting a giveaway so you get to see this beautiful book first hand.

For more information on Anni and her books check out her blog and her book website:



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