Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Project updates

So this week, my goal is to hang up close line outside so I can hang dry some stuff out there. My husband is tired of me taking over the bathroom draping laundry everywhere.

So today, I head over to lowes, and for only $8 and change I bought a clothes line and some hooks. The plan is to have the line either going from our deck to our fence, or from a tree to our fence. I'm hesitant to drill a hole into the tree because I dont' want to injure it.

Lowes had an umbrella clothes line. Could you believe it was $200?! I found a website I wish I had found earlier. It's the Clothesline Shop. They also have other clotheslines but for much much less. The website isn't fancy, but the inventory is impressive, and the prices seem reasonable.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get the line up this weekend, and it will work alright.

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