Friday, March 6, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Being new at the blogging and coupon clipping, here's my beginners finds for the week.

Recently I've started clipping coupons to take to the grocery store to stretch that dollar even more. Each Saturday, I hope to post a few websites that will give you some added savings. I plan only to post companies that are either organic or environmentally consious.

Most company websites require you to register an e-mail address. I hate junkmail, so I've created an e-mail address just for this. That way my personal e-mail doesn't get sedated in junk.

Some of these company's will let you print out a certain amount of their coupons to sample their items. Stoneyfield was the first I found, and they let you print three copies. Seventh Generation is also a well reputable company, and they frequently change the coupons they offer. Lastly, Kashi this week is offering to send coupons, earlier in the week apparently they were giving away free entrees. I'm too late for that, but just look here for the coupons.

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