Friday, January 14, 2011

Fresh Aire Paint -- Home Depot

I'm sad to hear that Home Depot is discontinuing it's line of greener paint, Fresh Aire. I thought my readers would be curious to know though that for the next 3 days, it's on sale for half price. I bought myself about 4 cans this morning since I have much painting to do in my new house.

So get out there quick, and get yourself some paint if you have any painting to do in the next few months.  The cans usually sell for about 30 bucks, and they're half price right now.

Anyone have any favorites for a new brand of paint?


  1. Bummer! Thanks for the knowlege of the sale though!

  2. I know right? I'm just glad I knew about it and could stock up a bit.

  3. Just bought a can of freshaire paint for our laundry. I am so annoyed as I've painted this new color (light blue) over the old paint (off white) and have applied 3+ coats. Every time I touch the wall with the roller/brush the color is different. If they are discontinuing a product due to it not meeting customer standards, then Home Depot should be honest and inform customers as to the product's poor performance: in this case FreshAire paint. An independent hardware store would never sell products that were defective/bad without letting the customer know. So much for the BigBox store mentality!!

  4. We have it throughout our house and never had a problem with not matching. did you prime the wall and shake the can before use? It is super sad that it's being discontinued, but the HD guy I talked to said that they were switching to all zero voc bases so that is a good thing, but don't know why that would effect freshaire.

  5. Help! I am trying to finish painting my office and ran out of my Freshaire-Aviary Nest. If anyone has any that they don't need, I would gladly buy it from them, even if it's only a 1/4 of a can. I just have to finish some trim on the second coat.

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