Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden update

So being in the mid-atlantic, there are just a select few things I have growing in my garden at the moment. Two weekends ago, I put in some sugar snap peas, and to my delight, they've popped up. They're climbers, so I've got some metal fencing for them to climb up.

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Also, there's some onions I've put in, they're the last thing that you can actually see, because I got bulbs and I just stuck them in the ground. I put in some kale, cauliflower, carrots, and romaine lettuce this week. So hopefully we'll see some cool early season veggies popping up soon.

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I went to my grandmother's today, she's a fiesty 89 year old lady who used to be a canning queen and garden guru. She hasn't gardened in many years, but I've been asking her for some advice lately on how to do things and where to get started. She gave me some of her old mason jars today (talk about going green!), and she even had some of the stuff she had jarred. Below is a can of green beans from 1982. Yes people...1982. They will be dumped very soon and cleaned up for me to do my own canning. They might still be good, but I have issues eating 27 year old beans. Really.

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  1. I was digging in my own basement recently and found some tomatoes that were canned more than 10 years ago. My mom said that they were probably fine but I have to have more assurance than that. I'm reusing the jars and lids, though.



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