Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Motts -- How can you screw up Applesauce?

Dear Motts,
Applesauce is a beautiful, easy to make thing.  My applesauce is better than yours.  Why must you lace your applesauce with high fructose corn syrup and abscorbic acid.  I know what your thinking:  We all know there's a high fructose corn syrup controversy, but abscorbic acid is just vitamin C, right?  We all need that, right?  No big deal if the world's leading manufacturer of abscorbic acid wasn't CHINA.

The average apple has 6 mg of Vitamin C.  The UK government recommends 75 mg a day, the US goverment 60-90 mg a day, and the WHO (World Health Organization) only 45mg.  Why do we really need to add synthetic chinese abscorbic acid into your product when lemon juice will do the trick?

So, Motts.  Why is mine better?  I don't use high fructose corn syrup for one.  I don't use sugar either, because fresh picked apples are naturally sweet.  Too sweet actually, because my apple sauce is seriously sweet with out adding sugar.  I add a touch of lemon juice as a canning preservative, and then they are sealed and stored.  Sadly, they don't last because my kids absolutely love mom's apple sauce.

Canning can be a scary task, but apple sauce is the most basic easy thing to can.  You don't need a pressure cooker.  You have to know how to boil water, and cut apples.  That's it.  More on canning apple sauce later, when I'm less annoyed at Mott's and the idiots that make their applesauce.



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