Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Cleanly -- Purging

So, in case you're not in the scoop, hubs got a job. This summer will be spent moving from Virginia to Colorado. Of course I will be documenting this process here on the blog, and how I intend to do this in the most green way possible.

We already messed up this morning when we went to the Uhaul place to buy boxes. I've put the word out. I need boxes! I don't want to buy brand new boxes. Anyway...

Our first step is to purge. The less we move, the less it costs and the better for the environment. We'll either be doing a yard sale this weekend, or we'll get a flea market booth. Flea markets are huge here, and this time of year they are booming. The other thing I've found is Freecycle. On their website, you can browse the area for people giving stuff away, or post what you need. Green can be cheap!

For greener, yet pricier solutions you can try Green Box. Sadly for me, they are located in Southern California. Not much help to me in the suburbs of D.C.

While we use the boxes we have, the rest of our boxes will be a miss match of stuff we ask for from the stores we shop at, or from friends or from Freecycling. Wish us luck, or moving journey begins!

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  1. Happy Tuesday! I want to let you know that
    I am Honoring you with the Sunshine Award! You deserve some sunshine and I love reading you blog! You can head over anytime and Grab It! Enjoy your Week! http://www.miamamiah.com/2010/05/im-into-sunshine-sunshine-award-that-is.html

  2. Aww, Jessica, you are so sweet. Thanks!! :)

  3. If you have a Sam's Club near you, they always have boxes near the registers first thing in the morning during business club hours. They may even let you in to take the boxes even if you don't have a business card. I always get boxes there when I need them.

  4. You know, we don't have Sam's, but we do have a Costco. I will definitely check there!!



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