Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving Update

Well, hubs was out last week and found us an apartment, and things have been insane around here. Posts may lighten for the next few weeks (month?) until things get worked out. We have to wonderful beautiful cats who sadly may need new homes. If you or anyone you know in the Virginia area may be able to give these two sweet boys a home, please let me know.

We looked for a place that would take our all of our pets, but we had three and it just proved to be too much for everyone. The dog is staying with us, but the cats need new homes.

Craigslist has been a life saver. I've sold just about everything I've put up there, tucking away the money for moving.  We've been searching Costco for boxes.  You have to be choosy, they seem to cut off the tops of lots of their boxes.  Other then that, it's been a stressful, sad time.  I keep thinking we can just hide the cats, but really...will that work?


  1. Try Craigslist for boxes, too, because we found a ton of free moving boxes that way. What a life-saver. Sorry to hear about the cats! We had a second cat, but we had to find him a new home once our family grew to four children. It was just too much for him. :( Good luck!

  2. What a good idea Donna! Our black kitty in this picture went to live with our property manager. She is on a farm, with another black cat and a few dogs, and alpacas. Hopefully he adjusts and has a happy life. I think we're keeping Basil since the lease in our new place allows us to have two pets.



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