Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to avoid buying GMO's

There's been a lot of hype lately on GMO's short for genetically modified foods.  The Huffington post recently had an article that stated GMO's caused organ failure in lab results, and this food is very quietly interlaced in our grocery stores. The World Health Organization (WHO) also has a very firm stance on genetically modified foods. Be sure to check it out.

It's an infuriating reality that our government allows this untested food into our stores, but the informed consumer can avoid them if they are careful.  The first step is to make sure you buy certified organic foods.  Organic foods cannot intentionally contain genetically modified foods.  You may or may not be aware though that cross pollination happens, often times accidentally.  Monsanto has taken many farmers to court because of this, trying to put his neighboring farmers out of business.  Nice guy, huh.

There is an organization called the Non-GMO Project.  Since the US does not require GMO labeling, some food makers are taking it upon themselves to enroll in this organization so they can then label their food as Non-GMO.

For more information please check out the Non-GMO Project's website for a list of brands enrolled in their program.  You can also check out the Non-GMO shopping guide.

Want to take it another step further.  Contact your local congressman or senator and tell them what you think about GMO's.  I found a copy of this letter here.  We stopped SOPA and PIPA by standing together as a nation against something. We can do the same with GMO's.

Dear Honorable (name here)
I believe that genetically engineered food poses a threat to the wellbeing of my family's health and the health of the world's population and environment. These foods, which have not been adequately tested, are increasingly difficult to avoid, both because of cross-pollination, and because of the FDA's refusal to approve labeling that allows us to know exactly what we're eating.
This is after all, the United States. We're allowed freedom of speech. What about freedom to choose the foods we eat with full knowledge of what they contain, and guarantees that they are safe?
I implore you to work on initiatives to ensure the safety of all food consumed by the American people and the world's population, by thorough testing of GMOs and GE food products, and by putting into place a "full-disclosure" labeling policy.
Thank you.
Your name

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