Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homeschool -- planning resources

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon (and cold!!), and I'm sitting at my kitchen table with books and time to plan the kids school work for the week.  My son's birthday is Monday, and as a gift to him, we'll be enjoying most of the day with maybe only one or two lessons. The first resource I use is a free planner offered by Donna Young.  Donna Young's website is one that I used a couple years ago when my son was doing first grade at home, and I'm happy to go back to her again for a resource.

I'm still waiting on my daughters Christopherus curriculum to arrive, so in the mean time I'm supplementing her work with free worksheets and other books that I had laying around the house.  I didn't realize I had so much, but this isn't my first round of first grade done at home.

Here are some links to help supplement your kiddos:

Kaboose has some winter crafts and other worksheets that we'll be adding to our mix this week.
The Math Worksheet Site is invaluable for creating personalized worksheets just for your kiddo. My son still seems to need at least one worksheet a day, and here's one of my resources.

I'm so excited to get into a groove with my kids and our own way of homeschooling.  We now have the freedom to do as we see fit, and it's so incredibly liberating.  Ahhh!!

This beautiful photograph was taken by Kevin McNeal. Please support the arts by checking out his photography.

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