Thursday, December 20, 2012

Potential Return

Well, I started a few more blogs in the last year.  None of them ever picked up the traffic this blog had.  With all the posts I've done on other blogs, this blog while continued to receive more views every day than all my other projects combined.  There must be something to that I suppose.

I plan on continuing my food blog.  It's a resource for me anyway to have a nice online list of all my recipes.  If someone else enjoys it, awesome.  However this blog seemed to be my way of connecting with other people.  So...I may continue...or I may not.

I won't begin though until after the new year...if I begin at all.  I'll likely end each post with...this may be my last!  I may never write again...

We'll see.  Maybe I'll never get started.  Who knows...I might.

If the world ends tomorrow, it's been fabulous knowing you all!

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