Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open Sky -- Pilar Tote

I'm sure my regular readers noticed the countdown going on for the last week or so.  I decided to open a new shop to help support my blogging habit.  Opensky allowed me the freedom to choose the items that I felt drawn to.

What you will find in my store are only items that I have handled, researched and reviewed.  I will only promote items I love and would purchase myself on my middle-class income.  What you won't find are pricey, or over-priced items, like $300 solar stoves, or $2000 repurposed furniture.  You also won't find food items.  I believe in purchasing food locally, and I strongly support this movement.

The first item I'm supporting is the Kingdom Adventures Pilar Tote.  Open sky sent me this tote about a month ago for me to try out.  What I first noticed about the bag was how well it was made.  It's not just a grocery tote.  It can easily be your every day handbag with all your normal goodies.  It fits comfortably on my shoulder, and with it's reinforced shoulder strap, it will last.

The inside has a zippered pocket for your change and any other loose bits.  The bag is made of recycled rice and feed bags, and the inside is double lined with more of your recycled feed bags.  It's big enough to be a small diaper bag, hand bag, or occasionally a shopping bag.  There is a warning on the bag about fading.  So I'm not sure if I'd use it as a grocery tote because it says to only wash it with water.

What really made me fall in love with this though was the human impact.  Right on the tag it says: "Your purchase of this product enables men, women and children who have been trafficked, impoverished or abandoned to be reintegrated back into society."

This is what free trade is all about people!!  This item has everything I believe in, it's repurposed/recycled material that was made and sold in a fair way.  It doesn't get greener then this, and it's only fifteen bucks to boot.  Regular purses are generally more expensive then this, so this is definitely a bargain.

The tote is availble in blue, olive, and pink.  Oh, use the coupon code EXCITE25 up until August 16th, and you'll receive 25% off your bags.

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  8. Kim, I'm trying to leave a comment on your other blog, but the google Ads won't let me reach the 'word verification' part. So I'm trying here.

    Homeschooling IS a very rewarding experience! We did it at our home for 21 years and haven't regretted it. I started with reading all the John Holt books (What do I do Monday?, How Children Learn, How Children Fail, etc. etc.) and the Dianne Lopez book, 'Books Children Love' and Susan Schaeffer's 'For the Children's Sake'. All great books to read. There are SO many reasons to homeschool, and we were doing it before there were any homeschool catalogs to order from. Getting to choose your own curriculum is a huge benefit. Also, I'd recommend Calvert, if for no other grade, for sure FOURTH GRADE. It is spectacular!

    Okay, and the actual reason I wrote was to THANK you for your comment on Cranberry Morning!

    I think you'd enjoy canning with a pressure canner. You can cold pack the veggies and broaden your veggie horizon a bit. :-) Also, I hear that some tomatoes are no longer acidic enough to trust them to water bath. not sure about that. I know that I always used to water bath them and love the way they look in the jars!

    I'm hoping I get enough tomatoes out of my 36 plants (which are loaded, but blight is quickly creeping in). :-(((

  9. Hi Kim! That is a nice bag! I try to use green when ever I can. I wanted to let you know that you were a Wednesday Wizard last week at my place!
    So you get to collect the coveted Wednesday Wizard winners badge! Know you can post it and show everyone just how smart you are in all things! (just not in all the right things?? wink) hope to see you on WW! *hugs, Faythe @GMT

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  11. Yes, I've read that about heirloom tomatoes too. Good for you! I went back to hybrid tomatoes this year because of their disease resistant qualities. Ha! I've tons of tomatoes on the vine, I've pruned lower leaves, put carpet right up to the stem, and done EVERYTHING to prevent blight, but I see it affecting my hybrids. So much for that. I guess it's just because we've had an unprecedented amount of rain this summer. Hope I get some tomatoes and don't lose them all to blight. :-( Good luck with yours.

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