Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bento Lunch Boxes

The other day at wholefoods, I broke down and bought a Bento Laptop Lunch Box.  So far, I'm super glad I did.  My son wanted a Star Wars lunch box to take to school this year since he's actually going and not staying home.  I went back and forth on this, and settled on the Bento Box.  I urged  him use his imagination a little bit, I got the black box with the red inner boxes so he can still have "dark side" colors.  I even dug  up some star wars stickers and let him decorate it himself.  He was happy.

One thing I like about this box is  it's made of plastic that is BPA free, so I don't have to worry about the chemicals that could be leaching into my son's food.  Secondly, because of all the cool little boxes that come inside the box, I don't have to add to the landfill with my ziplock baggies.  Getting rid of any disposable things is one of the most simple green things you can do.  It's easier said then done, I know.

These cool little boxes that come with it make sectioning off a healthy lunch easy.  There's even this tiny box for ketchup or candy or whatever you want to put in there.  It also came with silverware.  My son now has his very own set of silverware to take to school with him every day.

This particular set I got at wholefoods also came with a book with lunch ideas. When my son went to kindergarten, I found it so difficult to make him unique lunches every day.  Sifting through this book, I know it will help me come up with some pretty good ideas to give him unique lunches every day.

I paid about $25 for this set, and I know it's a bit pricey for a lunch box.  In my mind though, I won't be spending money on sandwich bags and plastic ware over and over again.  Its a one time cost that I think in the end will end up being cheaper.  You can purchase replacement inner containers online too.  If you don't have time to clean them every day, or if one gets tossed out accidentally you can just get what you need.

I think we're ready for school to start now.  Colorado starts so early.  He'll be in school next Tuesday. :(


  1. I can't believe you posted this on the very same day I've been searching the internet for an eco-friendly lunch box for my kindergartener. I saw this one, but I have a few questions. Would you mind answering them for me:
    1) Does it fit into a backpack?
    2) Can a little kids open and close the lids on the containers?
    3) Is there a handle of some sort?

  2. There is a handle, and it does fit in the backpack. We had to show my son and give him a few tries to learn how to open it. He's 7 and it took him a few tries. He's got it now, and I don't anticipate it being a problem.

    You can purchase a carrying case for it, and it didn't come with a drinking bottle. That may be something to consider.

  3. I have take something back. There isn't really a handle on the box. Imagine a pencil box, with compartments for food. That's what this is.



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