Sunday, April 18, 2010

This weekend...busy!

What a busy weekend. Busy is good, I suppose. Kid's played at a violin masterclass on Saturday, then one of my own students had a recital today. I was going to play piano with her, but decided it was better that someone else do it. Hopefully back to the grind tomorrow. We have our menu plan ready, and I'll be going to the store in the morning before I post it so I can get all the necessities for the week. We have most of the stuff already, so we're anticipating a cheap week this week.

No job news for the hubs yet, but he's got another interview tomorrow he says. He had three last week, and was supposed to hear back from one on Friday, but...we didn't hear anything. When you don't hear, you assume it's no. He's been turned down so much, we can't get hopes up for anything right now. He's been unemployed now for five months. One thing I have learned though. I absolutely rock the budget, and thank god I have a cautious temperament when it comes to money. Nuff said.

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