Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home-made Jello -- Part One

Recently I had been feeling guilty, thinking my obsession with whole foods was taking something from my children. That they weren't able to enjoy the things I did as a kid. So, I've been brainstorming ideas that were better alternatives. The first one I came up with was home made jello.

This first option for jello is made with plain store bought Gelatine. The alternative is to use Agar Agar, which I'm still trying to find. The issues I have with gelatin is what it's made from. If you don't know, you should have a look.

You will need one packet per cup of juice, and 3/4ths of all your juice needs to be brought to a boil. I tried for a small amount of jello, so I used two cups of juice. I stuck 1 and a half cups in the microwave, and nuked it for 4 minutes to bring it to a boil. While I was waiting on that, I put the two packets of gelatin in the remaining half cup of juice and stirred.

Then I poured the piping hot juice in a bowl, and combined it with the cold juice and mixed. Then stuck it in the fridge to cool for about two hours. I used a mix of lemonade and white grape juice for the flavoring. It could have used a little more sugar, but we didn't add any extra. If your kids are used to sweet desserts, you may want to add a few tablespoons of sugar, or other sweeteners. You can use any kind of juice, and if you want to experiment with adding fruit, you can definately do that too.

Part two will be the comparison of regular gelatin and Agar Agar. Hopefully the kids won't know the difference.

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