Friday, April 16, 2010

Reuse -- Updating Picture Frames on the Cheap

My mother in law loved pictures, and one of the things my husband lovingly remembers about her is the picture wall. When she passed away in 2005, we were given many of these pictures. I believe they were divided between my husband and his brother. Not really knowing what to do with these pictures, they had stayed in storage for quite some time. I had pulled a select few out, and the rest were not seen.

However when I cleaned out my computer nook the other day, I decided I would update the frames and put them on a blank wall in the dining room. So I started with a picture of my brother in law with his wife on their wedding day, back in I believe 1996? That picture has probably been in there for those 14 years, so the frame needs some updating.

I took the frame apart, including the glass, and set the photo and everything aside. Then I took it and my spray paint outside. I have never spray painted anything before that I can remember, however I have watched my dad do it as a kid, so I was hoping it was as easy as it looked.

It definitely is as easy as it looks. Spray it lightly and you won't get runs. Very simple. In the end, I plan on having all black frames for photos in the dining room. This project will only cost me the $6.27 for the textured black spray paint. One can of paint will be enough for this project, and probably another as well. Easy easy, and I'm not spending money on new frames, or filling a landfill with old or unwanted items. Win win!

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