Friday, March 19, 2010

More garden -- planting

Yesterday we worked pretty hard but we weren't able to finish the left front garden. Last night after my lessons, I stopped by Lowe's again, got more dirt to finish the job, and I did end up picking up two apple trees. I've been doing some fruit tree research, and I have some stuff to share! More on that later.

The type of gardening I do is purely organic. I think I've mentioned this before, but some of you may not quite be sure what that means. Basically gardening organically means that I do not use any synthetic materials in my garden. I don't spray insecticide, and I don't fertilize with synthetic materials. I also don't use genetically modified seeds (Monsanto!! Grrr!). Some organization is needed when you're planning out an organic vegetable garden. I have found that disorganized chaos is really what works best. Have I lost you yet?


When I plant new seeds I do so in rows. The picture above has markers and below those markers are straight rows of two different seeds. They are markers for cauliflower and kale. Next to that, are little red bulbs, which are my onions, and on the other side of those I have some spring lettuce mix. Along the back wall there I have also planted sugar snap peas. The diversity in each section of my garden will help keep any diseases that might crop up (teehee) quarantined.

For seed organization, I tend to put seeds in storage baggies. I found these in the craft section of Walmart (I know, Walmart is the devil!), and these little baggies really come in handy. Use a sharpie to label, and viola, you have organized seeds. I also put different seeds in Ziploc baggies, like flower seeds, or early spring seeds, etc. The major benefit though of putting your seeds in baggies like this?? Water proof, which I was grateful for this morning after I completely doused them when watering the bed. Oops! No harm done though. ;) Happy Gardening!

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