Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver -- Food Revolution

Last night, my husband and I sat down with our house guest Rachael and watched Jamie Oliver's new show, Food Revolution on ABC.

I don't normally sit down and watch T.V., like ever. So don't get used to having a show review on my blog. Healthy eating however is a passion of mine, so I watched it. For those of you who don't know, Jamie Oliver's show took place in Huntington, West Virginia. I lived in West Virginia for about five years, up north in Morgantown. Which just so happens to be where Morgan Spurlock is from; the author of Super Size Me.

Back to Jamie. I agree 100% with his food philosophy. I actually have come to personally like Jamie on his show. He reminds me of my husband, because he's a softy with a big heart. Jamie, if you're reading this, I think your going at it from the wrong angle. Educate the parents, YES! Go after the schools...NO! Let the parents do that Jamie. I'll tell you why.

My son went to public school last year as a kindergartner. I will tell you now, he ate more junk food there then he ever has in his entire life. I would go have lunch with him sometimes, his lunch always packed by me with whole foods. Not only was I disgusted by what they were serving in the lunch lines, but...the food the parents packed was no better. The white processed bread, the lunchables, the not really juice, sugar water fake stuff drinks. It was appalling! And it was the parents who were doing it. The teachers even give M&M's as rewards for getting answers right. It's no wonder they're fat and their teeth are falling out.

It's the parents we need to get to, Jamie. My children recognize vegetables because it's a core value in my house. We all garden together, and my son loves "Eggplant" day. We drink water with our meals, I don't even allow fruit juice except for orange juice at breakfast. Dessert in this house is fruit, and on special occasions ice cream. My kids are at healthy weights, however even with all these restrictions, my husband and I are still overweight.

So, in review. Yes, parents, watch the show. It is eye opening. Jaime, stop addressing the school's as an outsider. You're only setting yourself up to fail. Educate parents in some kind of shocking, drive it home way. You saw that the kids themselves didn't care about eating a ground up chicken carcass...but their parents would. My hat is off to you though Jamie, you have my support, and I wish you the best.

For more information on Jamie Oliver, check out his website. He's got all kinds of recipes and passionate pleas for healthy eating.

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