Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garden time!


It's a little early to be out in the garden still in Virginia, with the possibility of freezing still I have to be careful. I couldn't help myself though, my daughter requested we garden today and I wasn't difficult to convince. My husband last week had dug out a bit on the side of the house, and we had taken pictures to show his handy work with the lattice. Before we got started, I had him bring it out just a bit more so it was wider.

 So, Erin and I went to Lowe's and picked up some more bags of this stuff. I garden organically only, and this is my dirt of choice. I got four bags today, and of course it wasn't enough, so I'll be going back tonight after work. I'm picking up apple trees too, however I might change my mind. With hubby still out of work, I know I can decide to garden for the summer, but what will we do come fall? So, we'll see.

 This is the other side of the house, that is need of some serious TLC. Winter was tough on my lavender you see there in the middle. It will come back, but what a mess. So, while pouring out the dirt in the new section of the garden, I sent Erin over here to dig out rocks. Erin loves helping out, I don't even have to bribe her with money though like I do her brother. She's so happy to be outside and in the bugs and sunshine. She loves it.

Next we planted some sugar snap peas. These are an easy thing to start so early in the season. The kids love them, my son last year would pull them off the vine and eat them. The peas are so sweet, it's like sugar water snapping in your mouth (and it's healthy too!!). They are easy to grow, and if you note, I put a little fence behind them to grow up on. This is my front yard, so I try to keep things relatively pretty while practical.

Next we moved on to a little strawberry plant we saw at Lowe's today. It was only three bucks and had a pretty pink flower on it. Erin was stoked. I've grown strawberries before, but I've never put them in the ground before. They spread so easily, I've always been nervous. We'll see how things go, I tend my garden so much I can keep it from spreading out of control.

  Here's the end of day one. Not much to see, nothing's growing. I planted some lettuce and some onion sets. Tomorrow the plan is to start some broccoli, cauliflower, and maybe some kale. Spring garden's are great in Virginia. You should see my bedroom though, it's turned into a greenhouse where all my summer vegetables have started in their pots.

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