Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour -- Last night

I ended up having my plans change for Saturday, so I was home for Earth Hour last night. Hubs and I had a daring match of UNO by candlelight. It was a nice change, because usually we have our backs to each other at the computers.

We were a little late to get started, our four year old was fighting sleep as usual. Once she managed to get to sleep, we flipped the lights off, it was about 8:45. We did manage to gather a few grainy pictures of our candlelit room. Hubs even snagged a shot of me shuffling the UNO deck.

On a more somber note, I have to admit my disappointment in the government's lack of enthusiasm towards Earth Hour. I run across so much ignorance here in my hometown, and I didn't hear about this on the news, or in the newspaper. Most of the pictures I see for this event are coming from Australia and New Zealand. It's such a small gesture to switch off a light to get involved. Sadly enough, I know the "conservative" government doesn't seem as on board to support living cleanly as the "liberal" government does here. The Virginia State Government didn't even sign on, whereas Maryland and even West Virginia did. We need to stop making global responsibility a political issue, and make it a human issue.

I'd love to know how other people celebrated. Please feel free to link to your blogs if you have pictures or stories of your Earth Hour. I will get off my tiny insignificant soap box, and resume my normal cheerful self. ;)

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