Thursday, May 16, 2013

Green Polka Dot Box

About a month ago, I discovered The Green Polka Dot Box, and online grocery store that sells only Organic, Non-GMO products.  Win!

My long time readers know, last year I moved to rural Maryland after living in a suburban neighborhood located between Boulder, Colorado and Denver Colorado.  Square in the middle.  Boulder boasts three Whole Foods stores, and when I was leaving there was a whisper of a Trader Joe's being built there, too.  Between that, and Mile High Organics (a local organic delivery) I was absolutely completely set for natural, organic, and non-gmo foods, and products.  I was pretty spoiled, too.

I moved out to rural Maryland, and was suddenly faced with the challenge of finding fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and meats.  Finding safe household cleaners was laughable.  The closest Whole Foods is in Annapolis, which for us is an hour and a half away. Do you live in an organic/natural foods black whole?  Is the only store available to you a tiny little natural foods store that charges the highest full price for their items? (Oh I know all about that, too).

If you have a hard time finding food and products you trust, you should check out The Green Polka Dot Box.  I recently had my first order with them, and I am seriously impressed.  I messed up the order..of course I did.  It's me we're talking here.  Well, their customer service number is easy to find.  It's right on the bottom of the page.  No clicking contact us, no emailing and waiting a day or two.  I called, and a LIVE PERSON answered the phone.   There was no wait, no cheesy hold music.  There was a cheerful, likeable, funny person on the other side of the phone who fixed my mistakes and got my order correctly taken care of.  It took all of five minutes.

So here's my rundown of things I love about The Green Polka Dot Box.

  • They have a huge selection of foods, ranging from dry foods to fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • They have dog and cat food, they have cleaners, toiletries, even seeds and grow kits.
  • They have baby food, body products, vitamins and supplements.  They even have a kitchen gadget section. 
  • Have I mentioned the huge selection of stuff?  This is with out a doubt, all the kinds of things I am used to finding at Whole Foods, and other natural type stores...with out the big price tag.
  • They are a small business, with personable people.  I would not be surprised if I called customer service again and spoke with the same friendly girl.  They have one office, and helpful staff.  I'm a hard win when it comes to customer service, and they are truly about as good as it gets. You know when staff is happy, they are treated well by their employers.  A happy business is easy to do business with.
  • When your order is finished, your items are quickly shipped to you.  They also have cold shipping so they can ship delicates like milk, and cheese to you.

Go check out their website see what they've got.  Their Facebook Page sometimes has special promotions and deals, so be sure to check that out too. I'm about to place my next order with them, I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!


  1. I love the Green Polka Dot Box! I tried them a while ago and loved it. I am a vegan and try to eat as locally as I can. Still, when I do go shopping for food and products it breaks the bank! I don't know if you've heard, but there is also an app that is trying to get launched that is hopefully going to level the playing field for people who can't afford the natural, healthy food at the store. It is called makeena. And they're out of Boulder! Check it out at I cannot wait to have this app! :D

    1. Awesome, I will check it out. Sounds great!



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