Friday, May 17, 2013

12 weeks!

I think I need to start getting my husband to take my picture instead of doing self pics in a mirror.  What do you think? ;) Not much change from last week.  I even still have on regular jeans, albeit they're my fat jeans. :)

How far along: 12 weeks

Total weight gain: 0lbs

Maternity clothing: Not yet, but it will be soon.  These are my fat pants, and they fit around my waist, but they're baggy everywhere else, so they look horrible.  I did break down and get some clothes.  It's fun.

Stretch marks: No new ones yet.

Sleep:  Pretty good.  I'm getting up less to pee at night.  I think I read somewhere that my uterus starts to move upward this week relieving pressure on my bladder.  I can definitely feel that.

Best moment: Went to the neurologist last week, and was told that my eyes are absolutely perfect.  I have no increased pressure.  They are being extra careful though, and I have another neurologist appointment next week.

What I miss:  Energy..still.  Even though it's getting better, and I'm finding I have actually had some afternoon energy this week.  Hopefully it continues to improve.

Movement: Nothing yet. 

Food cravings: Chik Fil'A.  I know, it goes against all green, natural eating with it's processed junk and soybean oil.  Before last week it had been over 5 years since I stepped foot in a Chik Fil'A, and now I have gone twice in two weeks.  *sigh*

Gender:  Don't know yet, but I still haven't found a boy name that sits right with me.  I'm beginning to wonder if that's just because I'm having a girl.

Labor signs: None.

Belly button: in

Symptoms: I haven't really had many symptoms this week.  Early on this week I've had more energy, and rarely do I feel nauseous anymore.

Wedding ring: On and loose.

Looking forward to: my OB appointment next week.  Maybe I'll get a final due date...even though the baby won't care, and will stick around after.

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  1. Still looking good! Don't see a bump yet but I can't wait til you start to show :)



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