Saturday, March 23, 2013

One day...

This post is just a glimpse of my busiest day of the week.  As a real food family, days like these take planning and quick meals.  Here's how my day went.

It was a gloomy, foggy morning.

7:00 am

  • Woke up, and woke the hubs up.
  • Took the dog out, and started the coffee pot.
  • Made the kids some breakfast, and went to feed the baby chicks.
  • Sat down on the computer and shared some awesome posts from the Green Village Network, and made sure my review on Conscious Box went live.
  • Got the kids started on their morning school work.
8:00 am
  • Helped my son find his missing notebook.
  • Fed the adult chickens in the back yard.
  • Took a shower.
  • After my shower, I put away some clean clothes and sort a load of clothes and put them in the washer.  I don't start the washer though because we have to leave in 15 minutes to get to my daughter's dentist appointment.
  • I pour myself a second cup of coffee and make the boy get back to his math test.
  • I brush the butterfly's hair and get her ready to go, and we head out the door at 9:15 for her dental appointment.  We even left on time!

No cavities, but not fabulous news about her two front teeth who refuse to grow in.

10:45 am
  • We got back from the dentist, and I got the kids back on task with their school work while I started making lunch and dinner.
  • I make the kids their lunch, and pack away our dinner.  Cooking and cleanup takes me almost an hour.
  • While the kids are eating I start that load of laundry I had put in the wash a few hours ago.
  • I call my mom to give her an update on the dentist visit.  
  • I take the laundry out of the dryer and hang it up to dry.
  • I get fresh water for the baby chicks, and let the kids hold them for a little while.
  • Butterfly finishes her school work for the day, and begins working on some art projects.  Lego boy continues his history assignment on Ben Franklin.
  • Worked with the kids on finishing up their schoolwork for the day.
  • Checked the chicken coop for eggs
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Relaxed.  Yes, I did.  The only chance I knew I'd get it.  I took an hour to veg out and just Facebook.  
  • Ok, I multitasked.  I also helped my son finish up his astronomy, and practice his violin.
  • Out the door to choir practice for the butterfly.
  • Volunteered as check in person for the choir.
  • Used the quiet time to finish writing my portion of a children's novel with a friend.  Yes I'm done.  It's off to be edited before it gets published.
Here's the view from the check in for choir.  I really don't mind doing it, and it was nice to get the short story done!

  • Off to fight traffic to get to the orchestra rehearsal.
  • We arrive at the community college where the rehearsal takes place and decide to eat our dinner in the car.  My dinner is thai pork lettuce wraps.  The kids have chicken and rice tortillas.  Our side is fresh veggies and hummus dip, and to drink I brought a water jug and they have organic strawberry milks.
  • We walk into the college and find out where rehearsal is.  

Here's a view from where I sat.  I had a good impression of this group, so I'm hoping I continue to enjoy playing with them.

  • Rehearsal is over, and we head home.  I have two very tired, but happy babies.
  • Bedtime for everyone. :)

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