Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living good with Live Good Organic Cotton Bedding

How can you take great care of yourself while also acting responsibly towards the environment?  This is the question that drove the foundation of Live Good, an environmentally friendly,  organic line of pillows and linens.

"We founded Live Good to forge a path toward that dual achievement. We believe you don't need to compromise. You can live sustainably, supporting the long-term health of your neighbors and the planet, and also live well, in elegance and comfort. We want to help you find that state of harmony with nature, with your community, and with yourself.

So we've started a business that reflects this ethos: a Live Good line of home products that upholds each and every aspect of our mission.  Everything we make is local.  Everything is sustainable sourced and organic.  And everything is designed to increase your quality of life.  We haven't sacrificed luxury and beauty in our commitment to supporting practices that are ecologically and economically sound."

I was approached a few weeks ago by Live Good to review their organic pillows.  I'm very picky when approached by companies wishing for reviews, and gave them a thorough look over.  I am so impressed with what I saw and what they were doing.

Here's what I love:
  • 100% organic cotton grown in Texas.
  • Pillow inserts are made from the kapok tree, a renewable resource that makes a fabulous, soft, moisture resistant, odorless fiber which is perfect for you or baby.
  • All manufacturing done in the United States, making this a locally grown product.
  • All inks are water based and formaldehyde free. They are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which means there are no GMO's, toxic chemicals, and that workers are given a fair wage.  
  • Beautiful stylish products that are lovely in your home.

We were given the center pleated pillow to sample, and it quickly became a favorite in our living room. When I opened the package my daughter noted immediately a fresh vinegary smell...not a yucky chemical smell that usually comes from manufactured goods.  The pillow is soft, comfortable and beautiful!  You can tell the pillow is well made, and the cute wooden button on the back is soft and unobtrusive.



I'm so impressed with their pillow, I've decided to save up for new bedsheets.  Our budget is super tight, but if the pillow serves as an example they will be worth saving for.

Starting Friday, I will be hosting a giveaway on one of their children's pillows!  Their "Live Good Baby" pillow will be featured as a gift to the lucky winner.  A $100 dollar value!  Be sure to check back on Friday for giveaway rules.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to review this product, however I was given a sample for review.

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