Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chicken Coop Inspiration

Hubs and I are beginning our project of building a new chicken coop.  We've been inspired by some people who put together some nice chicken coops for a relatively small amount of money.  I have some requirements of this coop we're building.  It has to be functional, easy to clean, and cute.  I don't want some ugly eye soar in the back yard.


And then these nesting boxes build from extra wood laying around.


Currently we have about 8 pallets to begin working with and lots of inspiration and ideas to keep the cost way down.  We keep chickens to help supplement the food bill, and it just doesn't make sense to dump hundreds of dollars into a coop when we're just trying to save money.  Right?!

image source:

This last one is my absolute favorite.  He went into a lot of detail too about how to put together a coop, but I think he spent way more than I'm looking to.  I love love love this house though!

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