Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School is what?

Yesterday was the last day of school for my kids, and a few weeks ago we had a discussion about how they thought the school year went.  They both said they had a good time, and met lots of interesting people.  On the flip side, I noticed how many bad words they both picked up, and the meaning of the middle finger, etc.

My son had spent a year at home with me during first grade.  We tried homeschooling, and I felt that it was a very successful year.  We stayed home for many reasons, but the biggest one was my dissatisfaction in the public schools in the county we lived in.  I've taught in public schools, and I knew the blame wasn't with the teachers.  It was higher up then that.  It was a small county with a small budget, and it wasn't flexible enough to deal with children who didn't fit in the "main stream."

So back to this discussion I had with my kids.  I asked them if they wanted to go back to the school next year, or if they wanted to study at home.  They both instantly said, HOME!  I reminded my son that it was hard at home, and it wouldn't be any easier then school, and that's when they both said the sweetest thing.  They missed me...

So, I began looking for an easy course for penmanship.  Both of them could work on their handwriting, and of course one of my biggest challenges is finding homeschooling material that isn't Christian based.  I get and respect that many people keep their kids home to allow Christ to be in their child's education, but we're not Christian, so it's difficult finding material that is "Christ free."

So I stumbled across Donna Young's Penmanship Lessons. She even has a secular one that uses George Washington's Rules of Civility instead of bible verses. This I can handle. Best of all it's free. I love free.  Free is made of win.  I like winning.

In the end, if I don't get a job teaching, it's likely I'll keep them home.  I will however need to substitute teach I think if I don't find a job.  So I"m not really sure if keeping them home will ever be an option.  The hubs doesn't make enough money to support us completely, so I have to earn money somehow.  Until then though, I can keep them busy and learning all summer long.

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