Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potatoes Au Gratin

For dinner last night, I put cheap in action. I found this recipe and it was perfect. I already had some potatoes that I bought last week, so all I had to buy was some cheese. I picked some spring onions from the back garden to add for flavor, and added some sausage from last weekends leftovers for a yummy kid pleasing dinner. My son said it was potato cheese heaven, it was so delicious. I had to force them to save enough for lunch the next day. This recipe probably wouldn't have had any leftover though if hubs had been here with us.

When trying to tighten the belt loop, I've found it's best to skip the meat.  Organic in my house is a must, I refuse to expose my children to toxins to save money.  Having meat once or twice a week is healthy, good for the environment and good for your pocket book.  No one's saying you have to have health food, because this is certainly not it.  I will say, I'm glad I have a garden.  I squeaked out one amazing salad to eat with this dinner.

What is some of your favorite cheap meals?

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