Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Good Home Co. -- Dryer Sheets

I was asked by Jennifer over at Blue Sky Communications to review one of The Good Home Co.'s product.  I gladly accepted, and they sent me a package of lavender scented dryer sheets.  The company was started by a woman (love!) whose specialty apparently is with fragrances.  I loved this lavender.  It didn't smell fake, or "purfumey."   It was pleasant and relaxing, as it should be.

I've used the sheets in the dryer of course, but I've also tried them in my linen closet and even in my suitcase while traveling.  The scent is strong enough to keep my clothes fresh while traveling, and it seems to last quite a long time this way.  I like the strength of the scent when it comes to laundry.  My sheets smell comforting when I put fresh linens on the bed.  Yet the fragrance is light enough that my son doesn't have to complain of "smelling like a girl."  

I have to admit though, the main downside of this product is the price.  $14.00 for 40 dryer sheets.  These are definitely a high end product that has no room in my budget.  That's too bad. If the price doesn't deter you, I would recommend this product.  It does what it says.  Enjoy!

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