Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Update

No drama in the garden.  I think that's why I like gardening so much.  It's not really a peaceful process I suppose, but it is to the onlooker.  There is always the battle for balance, but it's a quiet one.  No drama.  Here are a few photos from the garden this week.

This is the only hybrid plant in the entire garden.  It's a Husky Red Cherry, and it's the first of my tomatoes to bear fruit. I'm hoping to add these to salads within a week or two.

Speaking of salad, my lettuce bolted this week.  I'm thinking it still gets cool enough at night that I may try to grow some more.  It gets pretty hot in the day though, which is why I"m thinking it bolted.  This was some seriously yummy lettuce, so I may try to harvest the seeds once the flowers wilt and dry.

The blueberries scream of possibilities.  They've stopped flowering and are just now starting to grow blueberries.  I'm hoping they will grow slowly, and not need any picking while I'm away traveling.  I'm thinking by the looks of things they'll still be growing while we're gone.

Here's a shot of the entire garden.  I'm not sure yet if this mid-afternoon shade you see is going to interfere with the growing.  One thought is that my veggies will be shielded from the most brutal sunlight of the day.  It's full sun from about 9:00am to 1:00pm, then again at around 3:30 until about 6:00 when the sun goes behind the house.  My Romas in the back left are in cages, however the brandywines that I started from seed in April are still tiny little things.  I worry that they'll never catch up at this point and be productive. 

I think the seed cups I planted them in didn't have enough dirt, and their roots couldn't go down deep enough to make them strong.  Lesson learned, don't skimp on the dirt.

On a side note, I"m so interested in seeing what people are doing with their gardens, I"m debating on doing a garden link up.  What can I say, I"m a geek for plants.

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