Friday, June 25, 2010

When green is cheap -- buying refurbished items

Most of you know I've recently moved.  I have two very expensive items on my wish list.  One is a new vacuum, which is a MUST.  When I left Virginia last week, my dyson lost it's suction *gasp!* and I left it behind.  My dad is working on trying to fix it, I sucked up a tissue...and a tissue did it in.  I loved my dyson though.  It's an amazing vacuum so don't let the death by tissue deter you.

So, I bought this Dyson from  Granted, with limited time with packing and all that I only shopped for about 20 minutes, but I'm very proud that I found a good vacuum that's almost $120 bucks cheaper then one brand new.

So, have you purchased anything that was refurbished before?  Did you have a good experience with it?


  1. all of my husband's camera equipment is used, most of the time it's refurbished but sometimes he does that himself. we've always had great experiences with our refurbished items.

  2. That's good to know Emily! I'm still shopping around for a new camera, and I think refurbished is the way we'll go. :)

  3. Overstock does have some amazing deals. Haven't gotten things like this from them, but lots of bed linens, etc.

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  5. Heh, I bought my Dyson refurbished. It still works great and I paid less than half of it's original price. :)

  6. Nothing better than a good deal! New follower here from Tag Along Tues. Feel free to follow back! Have a Terrific Tuesday!



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