Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reducing Stress...

As of lately I've been so stressed out.  To the point where I've been getting headaches, and having to go to bed early.  I'm sure we all know how taxing that kind of stress can be to your mental well being and to your physical health.

Today I thought I'd simply compose a list of healthy and green ways to get your blood pressure down, and help you relax.

1.  A warm cup of soothing tea.  Herbal tea, or your regular black or green tea will calm the senses.  Try adding honey to sweeten your brew, and stay away from artificial sweeteners.  An added bonus of organic teas will ease your mind that your getting healthy good relaxation.

2. Going for a walk.  Right now in Colorado the air is getting brisk.  This is certainly earlier then Virginia, but these cool brisk walks really refresh me.  I grab the dog and I go.  Sometimes it's hard to get out the door, but five minutes into it, I'm always glad I went.

3. Lunch with the girls.  Generally speaking, women need a support system.  We need our girls to listen to our worries and help carry our burdens.  We feel strengthened by our bonds with our girls, and personally I always feel a burden lifted when I've spent time with my girlfriends.  I haven't always felt this way, but with time and wisdom, I've learned what kind of people to surround myself with.  Introverted women may find this more relaxing with their one girl friend.  The key here is to know yourself.

4.  Hydrotherapy.  It's a big word, for an awesome bubble bath.  Warm water relaxes your muscles, and will definitely help bring the BP down.  Pair this with some music of your choice, and maybe some aromatherapy, and you will definitely relax.

5. Sunshine.  It's free, and it helps raise your serotonin levels, (the happy hormone).  This will help if your stressed or feeling blue.

What do you do to reduce your stress?

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  2. When I can, I knit. Or needle felt (something about stabbing things with a needle..). I used to read a good book, but I seem to never find the time to immerse the way I'd like.

    My husband would tell you that I don't do enough for my stress. Things have been bad lately and I totally hear you with the headaches. Here's hoping things calm down for you.

  3. I sleep :)
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  5. I miss you!!

    I garden. There's something about playing in the dirt that gives me a sense of reality again... it literally grounds me. When I can't garden, I kill people in PvP... or meditate... run a couple miles... any or all of the above.

  6. Hi from your latest follower via Tuesday Blog Hop. Glad to find you. Love your blog. Great ideas. Please stop by and check out my new blog hop. Would love for you to join.



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