Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone is nursing their hangovers, and enjoying the bowl games on T.V. I'm slightly paying attention, I'm not one for sports, but West Virginia University is playing, so I have to root for my boys.

So after great consideration, I've finally chosen some goals for myself for this year. I will stick with these goals as long as they remain prudent for my family.

My first goal is to simply be on top of things. To organize, reduce and reuse when I can. To be green. Green!! Drive less, walk more, grow more of my own food, and continue to process what food I grow. To hand make gifts again this year, and keep it solely handmade. One priority I have to make is to myself, to get healthy. To stay healthy, and maintain a healthy weight. So, hopefully this month I can reflect some things on this blog that I will continue to do.

First thing I did was organize my lower cabinets. They were just a royal mess, pans everywhere, three years of one time use plastic bags shoved in one of them. I hate plastic bags, I loathe them. They should be illegal, and people should stop using them. This is one of my goals this year is to use them as little as possible, and the ones I do use, will be recycled. One thing that disgusted me I learned watching the Oprah Show. It was about the large trash fields in the oceans. That plastic particles are in almost every drop of ocean water, and will possibly remain there forever. There are the great garbage swirls across the globe. Sometimes visible from the surface, mostly underwater. It's out of our minds because we aren't there to see it.

What can you do? Recycle these trash bags, and one time use plastic bags. Almost every grocery store has a recycling box in the door. Wal-mart does too. If you believe they should be outlawed, write to your senator. I wrote to both of mine via e-mail, and you can find yours here.

In the end, my goals this year are to act. Not quietly doing my part, but to get involved. To walk the walk. To take care of my family, my home, my town, and my planet. To do my part, and show how simple it is to do it. Happy New Year!!

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