Friday, January 15, 2010

New Direction

This year will be full of new things. My husband was laid off in November, which I mentioned a while back. My new years resolution ended up being simple. I want to incorporate wisdom in my life. I want to learn to look a few steps ahead of each decision, similar to the way people play chess (or those unlike me who are actually good at chess).

Two months have gone by and we've only had nibbles for employment that have yet to turn out anything. I have considered, and am still considering going into business for myself. I also plan on returning to classroom teaching this fall if the need is still there. Sadly, that puts homeschooling my son off. He'll have to return to the classroom.

I've gathered my friends around me, and I know that to be wise, I need to surround myself with wisdom. My closest friends are wise women, and I'm lucky enough to even know a few wise men. I'm treading carefully, and I'm curious, scared, and excited to see where I end up. I'd take more chances if it weren't for my beautiful children. It seems likely now my husband will leave for the other side of the country, and I will stay behind and tend to our children. More soon. I will be showing my house updates soon. I'll probably be selling it, so just would like to share what I will be doing around the house to give it the extra edge to compete on this crazy market.

More soon.

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