Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Years Resolution ideas

Well, Christmas is pretty much out of the way. The kids didn't do too bad even though we didn't buy much this year. Lots of friends and family pitched in and the kids don't even know we had a tight budget this year.

So this year, I've been considering a few ideas for a new year's resolution. So much can change in a year, and especially this coming year. It will be a miracle if I still live in the same house. This year will be a roller coaster for sure, and hopefully we'll land on our feet. Last year, my new years resolution was to give only hand made items as gifts. What a ride that was. I learned how to make jewelry, and learned it wasn't really my thing. I learned how to make melt and pour soaps, also learned that wasn't my thing. I had already known how to knit, but I did learn a few more stitches. So, I'm a better knitter. I'm also better at sewing. One thing I did learn how to do this year that I think is one of "my things" is canning.

I got a few books last year on preserving food, and off I went. Everyone in my family just about got a jar of something. Apple butter, tomatoes, jellies and jams. I had a lot of fun, even was canning applesauce and apple butter yesterday.

So, for this year, one of my ideas for a new years resolution is to start a business selling my canned goods. It's a lot of work to get started, selling food. You have to get a license, you have to have a certified kitchen, so, it's not something on a whim. My family is in a crisis though, and finding a job seems impossible right now.

So anyway, here is a list of ideas that I've done and am considering doing for new years.

1. Stop drinking soda. (I did this a number of years ago, my waistline and my teeth thank me).
2. Start my own business. Just like I had mentioned above.
3. Loose 20lbs, who doesn't want to loose 20lbs right?
4. Continue only giving handmade items. Not only does it save money, but it's a more thoughtful gift. Most people seem to appreciate handmade items much more then store bought too.
5. Organize the house. Big one for me, I'm naturally disorganized. I feel like I'm always "starting the organization process." It just sucks.

I'm out of ideas now, more to come I'm sure.

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