Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homeschooling -- why this time?

Over the summer, I had promised my kids that if I didn't get a teaching job that I would keep them home and home school them.  Mostly because if I freelanced, my work schedule would begin at 3:00 in the afternoon and potentially go late into the evening.

With the economy being what it is, and music being cut in our schools, I didn't even land a phone call from the multitude of counties I applied for.  I was actually pretty shocked.  I'm pretty qualified, and by federal standards, I'm highly qualified to do what I applied for.  Such is life, it wasn't meant to be.  With the connections I had made in Colorado, I landed on my feet.  I found a steady source of private violin and viola students.  I even made a new website for my new growing business.   It flourished.  I'm booked up, and I'm relieved.

With my recent illness however, I decided that even though my work schedule wouldn't be ideal it would be better for the kids to attend school instead of stay home with a broken mom who needed to focus on getting healthy.  I sent them, and I regretted it.  Within weeks, I realized I missed them so much.  There were days I wouldn't see them for over 12 hours.  I'd drop them off at school at 8:15, leave so painfully close to when they'd be home at 3:15 to get to my 4:00 lesson, and teach until 7:30, drive home, and get home about 8:15 again.  Grab them from the neighbors house just to tuck them in bed so they'd have enough sleep to go to school the next day.  It was miserable.  They missed me, and I missed them.

So, I had to think of a quick solution.  In Colorado, they offer many virtual online schools.  Still considered to be public schools I thought this would be an easy option.  I checked out two. The Colorado Calvert Academy and The Colroado Connections Academy. I ended up going with the Connections Academy, and so far like I've seen other people mention it's intense. It's many assignments every day. We're getting the hang of things, and I've made a mental decision to not stress over their deadlines.

Next year, I will be pulling them out of the public school system entirely and homeschooling them myself. So this year, we'll be pulling through this curriculum, while checking out something else for next year. Lots of time to plan.

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