Sunday, October 9, 2011

Growing Garlic

I could dwell on the problems in my life, and sometimes it's incredibly hard not to.  So, my zen is usually out in the garden.  It's the simple moments like this though that bring me joy and help me put everything aside.  I stole a moment the other day when a shipment of garlic arrived.

There's so much garlic that I think if I planted it all I wouldn't have room for anything else, so I'm giving some to some gardener friends to see how they do with it as well.  This is the first time I've grown garlic in Colorado, and I've done little bits in Virginia when I lived there.  This is the biggest haul I've tried, so hopefully it will winter well, and I'll have garlic coming out of my ears next summer.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, I grabbed my girl, and we went planting.  She loves getting out there in the dirt, she always has.  I refreshed my memory on how to grow garlic on some links that I will provide.  I'm no expert at all, just a hobby gardener.

I still have some summer clearing out to do to make more room for garlic.  The garlic will stay in the garden until next July, so I have to choose my space carefully.  The bed we were working in wasn't very successful with anything I planted this year, so I feel like anything is an improvement.  Anyway, here are some links to some bloggers who know more about growing garlic than I do.


2. (Colorado specific!)


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