Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This passed week has been very strange. It's been busy, it's been emotional..just wow. Really. I think that I've been living under the misconception that I'm actually in control of my life. Sure, I make some decisions and I try to keep drama out, Just wow. So, this week's menu plan will also be combined with a to-do list. Because no matter what happens..there are things that have to be done anyway.

This week, my goal is to apply as a teacher to every county that's local to my home. Getting a teaching job is going to be so incredibly difficult with how each county has had to lay off so many teachers. I won't be surprised if I don't get a job...but I definitely won't if I don't try. I also hope to put some time away to update my daughters dresser. Its old, cheap and ugly. However, this green momma has some leftover paint, and got some new drawer pullies from the local craft store. Hopefully this will end up being a cute little project for her. I'm also hoping to make some jelly...I've had the ingredients staring at me for weeks. We are out of jelly...must make jelly.

So..anyway, here's my menu plan for the week.

Monday: Five minute Gourmet Alfredo
Tuesday: Mini burgers and fries
Wednesday: Burger Mac with any left overs from yesterday.
Thursday: Quick Pizza (I'll be at work, friend is cooking for the kids) <3
Friday: Out to celebrate!
Saturday: Also out, playing a gig...
Sunday: Rosemary Chicken

Have a great week everyone!

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