Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Pizza and other things

So, I talked about my cheap pizza deal, and my first shot last weekend of making pizza wasn't too terrible. Tonight's was alot better, but I didnt' take a picture of that one, so you guys get to see last weeks. ;)

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So today's pizza looked much better. You can see in this pic, I put some onions on 1/4th of the pie. That was my side. ;) Today I put mushrooms and onions, and taught the kids a new word. Escapee! Because they would find tidbits of my mushroom and onions and say...Mom! Escapee!!

As for the cookout I went to, I had a total blast. Was a bunch of my friends from high school finally getting together after such a long time, and it was truly like being where I belonged. I had such a great group of friends, guys and girls who were some of the best friend's a person could ask for. Seeing them last weekend, and just being accepted for who I am was so tremendous. Seeing their kids, seeing their kids play with my kids. great.

So, being the barbeque and me not eating meat, I brought my own burgers. I looked for recipes online but I ended up coming up with my own, and it was really good.

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I took a picture of everything I put in it, wrapped it up on foil and brought it with me. Popped it on the grill in the foil, and tossed it in a bun when I was done. They smelled really good, so alot of my friends were asking what it was. Some turned their noses up, saying they didn't like mushrooms. I do, and that's what matters, and it was good, and way healthier then a hamburger.

So for the breakdown of my recipe, clean the mushroom and remove the stem. A dash of soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil. I sprinkled some ground ginger on it, put a bay leaf on top. It would have been really good had I cut up a clove of garlic and sprinkled some dry red peppers on it for a kick. Just some ideas. It's hard to mess these up, and it was SO good!

Anyway, happy Friday to all!

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